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I was raised in East Liverpool, OH

I have shared my life since 1989 with Steve

I am currently in San Diego. I've also lived in the Bay Area and in Denver  since 1991. Before that in several parts of Ohio and briefly in Washington DC.

I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Youngstown State University.

I did post-graduate work in Computer Science at   Kent State University.

I love to study languages - I am best at ASL, (Sign Language for the Deaf). Other Deaf resources include:

Rochester Institute of Technology,

National Institute on Deafness,

National Theater of the Deaf, Deaf Mall, and

National Association of the Deaf

Steve and I love to travel. You can see some of our trip photos.

Yes - It's true - We are an Up With People host family!

I collect Roseville pottery. Someday I hope to have pictures of some of my favorite piece here.

My philosphical outlook on life is shaped by many things, primarily  Taoism (read parallel translations of the Tao Te Ching)  and Humanism

My life with yeast... I enjoy  Sourdough Cooking  (Sourdough Newgroup), and Home Winemaking (Winemaking Newsgroup), and my favorite cooking show is Good Eats.


I try to practice safe investing and safe consumerism



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