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Welcome to the "I Hate Emoticons" Page :(

Emoticons are those strange combinations of punctuation symbolsthat people place in e-mail, on web pages, and anywhere else they canget away with it. I hate them. Here's why.

Emoticonsare ugly They destroy the line of a page. They force peopleto rotate the page (or computer monitor) in an attempt to make sense outof them

Emoticons are dangerous Rotating amonitor (see above) while keeping one hand on the mouse is a balancingact better left to a circus attempted at home.

Emoticonsare stupid Can't you write well enough to make your intentionsknown? Do you really need a symbol to express emotion? Shakespearenever used emoticons.

Emoticons are elitist The main purpose of an emoticon is to tell your reader "I'm hip tocyberspace, I can use these symbols and you have to ask me what theymean". This is very reminiscent of the "10 codes" (i.e. 10-4, 10-200,etc.) during the CB craze. Do you really want to recall thatonline?

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