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Generation W

I'm part of Generation Jones. What is Generation Jones? It is those people born in the late 50s and early 60s. We are too late to be baby boomers, but too early to be Generation X.

We're not baby boomers because We're not Gen-Xers because
  • don't remember John F. Kennedy
  • were too young for "The Mouseketeer Club"
  • remember the Beetles breaking up, but it didn't matter since we didn't know many of their songs
  • remember Elvis as a middle-aged man in the "Live from Hawaii" concert
  • played disco at our high school prom
  • watched "Space:1999" because the original "Star Trek" was "old-fashioned"
  • don't remember the Cuban Missle Crisis
  • remember the moon landing
  • were too old for "Sesame Street"
  • know Paul McCartney was in a group before "Wings", but their music wasn't a big part of our childhood
  • remember the first time The Village People were popular
  • didn't buy "Star Wars" toys because we were saving for our first car
  • didn't have music videos until we were in college
  • thought "Pong" was a great video game when it came out
  • remember Nixon's resignation

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