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Steve Heyl's Humor Page.

I'm a gay man, I have a table saw and a sewing machine and I know how to use both

I grew up in Orlando, which is on the Brooklyn-Bubba Line - it's like the Mason-Dixon line in reverse: everything south is a suburb of Brooklyn and everything north is bubba country.

Marshall McLuhan said "The medium is the message", Timothy Learysaid "The modem is the message", therefore I say the modem is medium,although in some cases it is slow, especially compared to DSL.

One of the great things about being a bear is that you don't have to be butch all the time.

The thing I learned when we built a house is that "Model Home Condition" means that all the furniture and accessories are glued down.

I took a foreign language class in Southern California. I learned how to say "Awesome" and "Whatever" in four languages.

Are you a bear? Take my bear quiz.

Find out how to tell when you've been travelling too much

Let me explain Corporate Strategies

The 1970s explained

I hate emoticons :( Find out why.

Are you a net addict? Take my net addict quiz and find out.

Going to New England? Let me explain Driving in New England

Find out where I learned everything I need to know about life.

If you are 'of age', you can read about things gay couples say to each other that straight couples don't.

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