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Are You a Net Addict?

Net Addiction

Noted behavior researchers(OK, not really, just me) have recently identified compulsive behavior with regard to the use of the internet as an addiction similar to alcoholism.

Take this simple test to determine if you are addicted to the internet. Remember this is only a test; if this were actually important, it wouldn't be on this page.

  1. How many phone lines do you have in your home?
    a.What is a phone line?
    b. One or two
    c. Three or more
  2. When you see the letters "NA", how do you interpret them?
    a."Not Applicable"
    b. "Next August", as in the next release of software.
    c. "Network Administrator"
  3. How many e-mail addresses are on your business card?
    a. What isan e-mail address?
    b. One or two
    c. Three or more
  4. When you are watching a horror film and a mysterious gloved hand cuts the telephone cord at the remote house, what is your first thought?
    a. See, the telephone is an unreliable method of communication.
    b.Now no one knows the heroine is in danger.
    c. I wonder if the LAN server was able to cut communications over the cellular link in time to avoid a network outage.
  5. What does the word "recover" mean?
    a. To get well after you have been sick.
    b. To restore files after a disk crash.
    c. To rebuild the links after your phone lines have been cut and the cellular modem has a dead battery.
  6. How often do you get into a 'religious war' over the best operating system or application?
    a. Sorry, I don't recognize those denominations.
    b. Occasionally.
    c. Never - I don't associate with Windows, DOS, or Mac heretics.


Since this is a test, it must have a score. To determine your score,use the following guide:
Give yourself 1 point for each "a" answer,5 points for each "b" answer, and 10 points for each "c" answer.
If your score is less than 10, let me welcome you to the 20th century.
If your score is less than 35, you have a PC but you keep it in it's place in your life.
If your score is 35 or greater, please click here to join the virtual meeting of Internet Anonymous.

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