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The first time I rode in a convertible, I was hooked. I've also loved motorcycles since my first one in 1981. But, sometimes I need a "practical" ride as well. For some of the summer of 2009, I had three vehicles - one of each.

1999 Mercedes 230 SLK
In my 1999 Mercedes 230 SLK in Balboa Park
1999 BMW R1100R
On my 1999 BMW R1100R on Twin Peaks in San Francisco
2004 Toyota Prius
My 2004 Toyota Prius

Alas, one needs lots of parking to have three vehicles and one must pay insurance and maintenance on them. At the summer of 2009, I found myself with three vehicles and only one parking space. It was a hard choice, but I sold the bike. I guess the Mercedes was feeling lonely, because it required towing twice in the first few months of 2010. I bid it farewell later that year.

I guess I can't be a one vehicle guy for long. After two trips to Burning Man I decided I really would like to have a motorhome again (I had one in the mid-1990s). Now I have this classic:

  1978 GMC 23 foot Birchaven
My 1978 GMC 23 foot Birchaven

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