Tasha Griffin-Heyl was a Husky-German Shepard mix that lived with John and Steve from 1993 until 2006. She found them while residing at the Denver Dumb Friends League. This page contains a stories and pictures from her life with John and Steve.

Tasha was the editor of their Christmas newsletter "The Bear Den Journal", until her retirement from that job after the 2004 edition.

When she met John and Steve, they were living on York Street in Denver.

When she first arrived at York Street, it took her a while to realize she lived there. Once when John and Steve went away for a weekend, she destroyed the door to the kitchen where their friend who was housesitting had put her.

The fence in the back yard had one weak pole. Tasha figured out that when a squirrel was running along the fence, she could body slam the fence and knock the squirrel into the yard.

Tasha caught a squirrel once. As dogs are inclined to do, she buried it. John discovered it a few months later when she had dug it up and was playing with it.

Tasha Laying Down

One of Tasha's favorite places was Washington Park in Denver, shown here. Typically husky, she loved snow. She would run through it with her mouth open, catching mouthfuls as she ran.

When John and Steve moved to the newly-developed Lowry section of Denver, Tasha found lots of wildlife. She had a great memory - she once found a fox in a drainage pipe near the house and every time afterwards, she would look into it, expecting to see the fox.

One summer night, John and Steve were awakened about 4AM by a very pungent smell and Tasha bouncing around the bedroom. When they followed Tasha downstairs, they discovered the skunk that she had found in the yard and bravely fought to the death to protect the house.

Tasha in snowbank
In late 2004, Tasha was the back seat driver in John's car during their move to California.
The first time Tasha saw the ocean she was very confused - she had never seen water that came to her and then rushed away.
After a battle with kidney disease, Tasha left the world on June 30 2006. She was approximately 15 years old. Her ashes were scattered in the Fern Grotto of the AIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA.

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