Brant Street San Diego Kitchen Renovation 2007

Shortly after moving into our San Diego condo we decided that we really needed to update the kitchen, which showed its 1985 heritage. Here we have a few pictures, side by side showing the old and new kitchen.

The cabinets were cheap even in 1985 - note that they have no backs, the shelves aren't adjustable, and there's no veneer on the particleboard.

White cabinets with black appliances does not work. We'll keep the black appliances.

The granite is a big improvement over the small white tiles

The range breaks up the counter.

The separate cooktop and oven reduce the "black hole" effect in the counter

The dingy sink, mismatched faucet parts, and off color / never sealed grout screamed for replacement.

All the pieces of the faucet have the same finish

The only place to store wine is on the counter.

Now we have a wine cooler
Still to do: the backsplash and lighting.

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