2008 Rose Parade Floats

We drove up to Pasadena on New Years Day to see the Rose Parade Floats (after the parade). The theme was "Passport to the World's Celebrations"

A friend of ours worked on this one for the city of Burbank.

2008 is the 'Year of the Rat' in the Chinese calendar (Steve was born in the year of the rat too)

The gang from Sesame Street showed up


and Tigers...

and Bears

and more Bears, Oh My

Transportation themes were popular

The city of Anaheim showed the freeway and won an award for "depicting life in California"

Long Beach went underwater

Apparently, this boat from the city of Los Angeles needs to be plugged in

This swan boat won the best small float award.

The Jet Propulsion Lab showed spacecraft

New Mexico showed alien spacecraft....

and alien spacecraft as plant boxes

Exotic destinations abounded

from the near future

to the ancient past

You could say it was out of this world

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