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If you see the first month of 2011, could you tell me where it went?

OK, I saw it when I was juggling parties on New Year’s Eve, then a party and a dance on New Year’s Day. And I think I saw it when we went to LA to see ‘Hair’ (and I danced on stage when they invited the audience up). It was fuzzy when we went to Tucson for both a bear event and a square dance event (and caught up with lots of friends from all over). I sort of lost track of it when I went to the bear dance in LA followed by Universal Studios the next day. So, by last weekend when I went to Disneyland I was already celebrating my birthday and the month was saying its goodbyes.

It’s true, things did not slow down the first part of the year. But a few weeks ago I decided it was OK to not blog quite so often. If you’re following me on any of the social networking sites, you get the play by play (well on the days I post). And when I read back over the old blogs, they seem so…mundane. Yes I do a lot of “things” (see the first paragraph), but I don’t “do” a lot of things.

If I’ve learned anything from this month is that I let myself get too pre-planned. Each individual item on the calendar is there because I want it to be, but the cumulative effect is not what I want. As a reader, you probably noticed this months or years ago, but as the person in the middle of it, it takes a bit longer to see. Still, quitting “cold turkey” is always risky, so I’m not de-scheduling anything in February 🙂 March is looking better.

So I’m not going to try to post every two weeks like I used to. Maybe I’ll find time to make the posts I do a bit more interesting.

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