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I actually had to put “update blog” on my calendar. Earlier this week I realized it had been a few weeks since my last update and a lot of “stuff” has happened – John finished his first massage class (100 hours), nearly acing all the tests; we’re hosting another visiting actor for Diversionary Theatre, and we saw his show on opening night (“And then I Wrote a Song About It” – through next weekend); we got serious about shopping for a hot tub; I had jury duty (2 days – it was a long jury selection) but didn’t get a case; we bought iPads; John went on a multi city trip for taxes and birthdays; I got a small (3 lines, literally) part in comedy at a small community theater; and I was cast in a play reading at my church. As usual, reporting everything falls to bottom of the heap. I put an entry on my calendar so I wouldn’t let too many more things happen without an update.

Still, it doesn’t feel “over scheduled” like January did. Yes, being at the theater 3-4 nights a week is a lot, but I’m watching the magic of a show coming together. Of course there are some minor adjustments having another person in the house, but it’s no trouble at all. Setting up the iPad takes time, but it’s also about discovering what it can do. Hot tub shopping was fun. Getting to jury duty was an exercise in learning the transit options from our neighborhood. This weekend I went to a friend’s 60th birthday party, a big bear dance, brunch, and dinner with friends & still had time for reading and blogging.

When I started this entry I thought the common theme would be theater, between hosting Nick, my part in the comedy, and the reading at church. I see now that the theme is perspective – looking at what I’m getting out of each item on the calendar rather than the commitment it extracts. I wish I could say that I always see it that way. I don’t, but it is a worthwhile goal. It’s all a matter of perspective.

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