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April Adventures

Wow another month already!

My first thought on sitting down to write this was that it was a month with more than normal share of… excitement.

Financial excitement – We got down to the wire on taxes this year – literally finding out the amount we owed on he day they were due, then scrambling to figure out how to pay it. This was particularly frustrating for me since I am always about being ahead of the game, and this year my appointment with our CPA was in February. Next was a struggle with a financial institution website to transfer funds; I finally gave up and had them send a check so this little saga isn’t quite over.

Medical excitement – John ate too much on Easter and had gall bladder issues. The symptoms mimicked a heart attack, so we had a trip to the emergency room and John stayed in the hospital for two days. They didn’t do anything but tests, and in the end all they said was he should consider getting the gall bladder removed. I try to err on the side of caution with these incidents (e.g. another hospital stay two years ago) without being a worry wart, but I’m never sure where the line is. It’s frustrating sometimes.

Artistic excitement – During much of this, I was in rehearsal four nights a week for a show. As noted before, I only have three lines, but I have some offstage duties and I was reading lines for actors that couldn’t make specific rehearsals. We’re well into production now – that means weekends are pretty booked for a few more weeks. Last week John and some friends (including Frank who was visiting from Denver) came to the show. They all seemed to enjoy it, but of course asked the question I’ve been asking – why did the author write in this part anyway? Still, I’m seriously loving doing it; I’m energized the entire evening. The cast has been great putting up with my naivety regarding theatrical traditions.

And a bit of relaxation – Before the show opened, we took a weekend, well really just a night, camping. There was some minor drama at check-in because we arrived later than originally reserved and I didn’t understand the policies. Our friend Bob gave me a new tent, so this was the chance to try it out. It’s big. And requires two people to set up. But I like having lots of room for gear, so I’m going to use it at Burning Man. We camped at Palomar State Park, so we went to the telescope; I’m always impressed. And for some reason, it makes me feel good about having a Physics degree, even though I never actually used it.

When we first stared dating, I told John that life would be an adventure. I guess this was one of the months that demonstrate it.

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