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Spring (& Summer) Cleaning

Yup another month. Just the usual stuff happening – every weekend in May busy with the show, then a weekend in San Franciso catching up with friends and seeing “Tales of the City”, starting an acting class (& finishing another), auditioning for (& not getting) a few shows, seeing a few shows, a professional conference, some meetings for SD Pride, some friends visiting, John had his gall bladder out, our annual summer party, square dancing, starting a square dance calling class, and writing an article for a friend’s new online magazine. Tired yet?

As you can imagine, the question for the month is “how did I get so overcommitted?” the answer is basically I’m way too interested in too many things. Winemaking? Done that. Clay sculpture? Got a statue around somewhere. Bicycling? The helmet is in the living room closet. I have a file on my computer with a program I was modifying in 1988.

Then there is the “waste not, want not” factor. I have been recycling and repurposing since the last time it was fashionable. That bicycle helmet? Oh it might make a good base for a Halloween headress some day. That computer file? There’s some good algorithms in there. Ok, really, it’s not about the thing, it’s about admitting that a part of your life is past, that the relationships forged over that activity are past as well. But putting that down on (virtual) paper makes it obvious how important regular “cleanup” is.

I have told many people this story. When I was in high school and took that battery of tests that are supposed to tell you what career to choose, the teachers told me I could choose pretty much anything I wanted (except agriculture, but that’s another story). The irony is that I sort of fell into the career that I’ve had effectively my entire adult life, but I guess I’ve made up for it with all these other activities.

The calendar is nearly as full the rest of the summer, but I’m adding one more thing – to let go of at least two activities between now and leaving for Burning Man in August. Hmm, anyone want to buy some winemaking gear?

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